How to become a Successful Project Manager

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A project manager is more than a title, there is a person who holds this position. A project manager’s personal attributes which include the addition of numerous soft and hard talents play an important influence in their performance.

Every project manager understands the importance of completing projects on time and on budget. Good project managers also go to great lengths to ensure that project criteria are met on a consistent basis. Whereas great project managers, on the other hand, go above and above. Not only do they complete projects on time and on budget, but they are also accountable, strategic business partners who are invested in the organization’s success.

What Does a Project Manager do?

Project Manager

Project managers are in charge of projects from start to finish, ensuring that the job is completed efficiently and satisfactorily. A static project manager job description would be difficult to come by as team leads with continually shifting schedules. Planning the project process, generating a budget, managing a staff, and communicating with clients can all take up days.

Project managers work in a variety of fields, including engineering and financial services. Every business wants to cut expenses without sacrificing quality, and project managers make this feasible.

Top 10 Personality Traits to Become a Successful Project Manager

1. Inspires a Shared Vision

An excellent project leader is frequently regarded as someone who has a clear vision of where they want to go and can explain that goal. Change excites visionaries, as does the ability to draw new lines. A leader, it was once stated, is someone who raises us up, gives us a reason to exist, and gives us the vision and courage to change.

People can feel like they have a true stake in the initiative thanks to visionary leaders. They enable people to have their own personal experiences with the vision.

2. Skilled in Solving Problems

Problems can take many forms, including resource shortages, inaccurate project status reports, and security breaches in intellectual asset management. To handle such challenges, the Project Manager should have problem-solving skills.

Secure content management is made easier with project management tools like Smartsheet. It also aids in the management of a human resource database, including their talents and jobs. If a resource is unavailable to accomplish a high-priority assignment, you can rapidly locate a replacement and delegate the task.

3. Cool Under Pressure

In an ideal world, projects would be completed on time, on budget, and without major issues or roadblocks. However, we do not live in a perfect environment, and projects do have issues. A leader with a tough demeanour will be unfazed by these difficulties.

When leaders are confronted with a stressful situation, they find it interesting, believe they have some control over the result, and perceive it as an opportunity. Leaders emerge from the chaos and uncertainty of transition to express a fresh vision of the future that binds the project together. 

4. Setting of Priorities

At any given time, a project is in the midst of multiple stages and procedures. Trying to focus on everything at once can be dangerous. A smart project manager understands how to set priorities and move the project forward. This not only guarantees that the project runs successfully, but also that the work environment is stress-free.

5. Good Decision Maker

Good decision-making skills are important not only in personal life but also in business life. Good project managers have the authority to make a plethora of decisions that will assist determine the project’s path.

As we all know, one tiny miscalculation might quickly jeopardise the entire enterprise. As a result, a project manager must be able to think swiftly and act decisively.

6. Should Possess Good Negotiation Skills

It is critical for a project manager to be able to negotiate effectively. Furthermore, this skill set is critical for resolving disagreements by resolving the issue and maintaining team unity. So it is one of the major traits for a project manager.

7. Time Management

One of the three restrictions is time, which is also one of the most crucial technical talents. Lacking time management skills might result in delays and even more serious consequences. It’s all about meeting deadlines and delivering on time when it comes to project management. Project managers must be specialists at managing their own time, their team’s time, and the project’s total time.

8. Positive in unfavourable condition

Positive thinking boosts our self-esteem. It also enables you to become an excellent decision-maker and problem-solver. Even in the face of adversity, if we combine it with vision and determination, we can achieve positive results. which comes under traits of a Project Manager.

Even when confronted with a difficult situation, we must have a positive attitude and a cool head as a positive person.

9. Gives Credit to Others

When things don’t go as planned, good project managers don’t blame external factors instead, they share credit with their team members and sing their praises when a project is completed successfully. Giving credit to team members instils a sense of appreciation and fulfilment in them, which increases their job satisfaction, makes them easier to keep, and improves future working relationships.

A smart project manager recognizes the long-term benefit of acknowledging others’ contributions, knowing that their own accomplishments will be seen by the people who matter.

10. Turning Good into Great

The characteristics listed above are some of the most important factors that can turn a decent project manager into a fantastic one. An excellent leader leads by example, and his positive mood rubs off on the rest of the team. When a team is highly motivated and a brilliant project manager is in charge, amazing outcomes can be expected.

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Shubham Rawat is an Intern in Knoldus practicing in Agile Studio. He has a strong interest in Technology and is driven by optimism and self-motivation.