Getting Started with Lift web framework : Your first step…!

Lift is a sophisticated web development framework that runs inside a Java web container & uses the Scala programming language.Lift removes a lot of the burdens that other frameworks place on developers by mixing together the best ideas in the marketplace today & aims to make building real-time, highly interactive, and amazingly scalable applications.Here we are going to introduce you with the Lift web framework in a very easy and understandable manner to give you a better quick start with Lift.

1. First of all you have to install simple-build-tool(sbt) on your machine. (Know more about it Here )

2. After installing simple-build-tool(sbt), Just create a directory for your project say “Test” , enter in to directory and just say “sbt” as:

nsachdeva@nsachdeva-Vostro-3700:~/Test$ sbt

3. “sbt” will prompt you to ask for creating new project, just press “y” & give the Name to your project as shown in Fig. :


4. Now for creating the lift project, you’ll use a processor to generate the structure and default files you’ll need to start working on the application.From the shell, run this command:

*lift is org.lifty lifty 1.6.1

5. Now you have to execute the following command to populate a blank SBT project with Lift web specialities.

> lift create project-blank

6. Just give the name of your main package & the version of Lift you want to use, when it prompt for ask and then you will obtain the following type structure of your project.

7. After obtaining this point, proceed by a “reload” & “update”.This will download all the dependencies required.

8.Start the jetty and check the running application at http://localhost:8080.

Importing the project in “IntellijIdea”:

you can now import the project on any platform with which you want to work e.g for importing the project in intellijIdea just run the following commands. This will generate the “Test.iml” file within the project structure and you will be able to import this project in IntellijIdea.

>  *sbtIdeaRepo at
 > *idea is com.github.mpeltonen sbt-idea-processor 0.4.0
 > update
 > idea
Fig: The generated Project hierarchy

About Neelkanth Sachdeva

Project Manager @ eCIFM Solutions Inc. Previous : Senior Software Engineer @ Evernym Inc. Previous : Software Consultant @ Knoldus Software LLP Software Consultant @ Inphina Technologies
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One Response to Getting Started with Lift web framework : Your first step…!

  1. says:

    If you have some time, can you please post similar instructions of creating LIFT/web project for SBT 0.11.1 and Scala 2.9.1? I am new to LIFT and I am trying to find up to date instructions how to generate and maintain LIFT project with SBT (there are some working instructions for Maven, but I could not adopt it for SBT ) Thanks.

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