KnolX – jQuery Form Validation

This Wednesday, I have presented on jQuery Form Validation at KnolX.

Live application can be access here : Form validation with jQuery in Play Framework

Github code can be download here : jQuery-form-validation

Lets have a look at the stuff:

About Anand Kumar Singh

Lead Software Engineer at Rklick Solutions LLC. He is having 4+ years of experience in Java, Grails/Groovy and Scala language. Anand also knows about Javascript, jQuery, CSS and other UI design technologies. He is SCJP and OCA certified developer. Anand is passionate to work with upcoming technologies and bleeding platforms providing the new way to programming & development. He is actively involved in development & maintenance of several software projects. He has been enjoying Scala for more than a year now. Anand completed his MCA from IGNOU. As a Developer, Anand is continuing his journey by actively collaborating with other Developers in his field. Anand is actively contributing on the ScalaGeek platform. He likes to spend his free time in Cooking, watching Discovery for new Technology and visiting new places with friends.
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