Integrate ReCaptcha in Lift application

ReCaptcha is a free CAPTCHA service which provides the strong security to application. In this blog we will learn how to integrate ReCaptcha in Lift-Scala application on lift-ajax form.

  • Add following dependency in build.sbt

"net.tanesha.recaptcha4j" % "recaptcha4j" % "0.0.7"

  • Put ReCaptcha.scala file in your project from my gist
  • Create account on ReCaptcha to get the public and private key for your domain
  • Put public and private key in your properties file:

recaptcha.publicKey=<public key>
recaptcha.privateKey=<private key>

  • Now, you can use Captcha in your application.

To see full example:


About Ruchi Agarwal

Software Consultant at Knoldus Software LLP having around 2 year experience working in Scala and java. She has good understanding of various technologies like LiftWeb, Akka, Amazon EC2, jQuery, javascript, CSS etc. She is RAD (Rational Application Developer) for WebSphere Software and RFT (Rational Funtional Tester) for Java certified. She is a skilled professional focused on the basic business functions and creation of software. She has a firm understanding of design methodology. She likes to work with responsibility, dedication and perseverance, she has a facility to establish good interpersonal relationships and foremost she is loyal to her principles, ethics and always giving to the best of her caliber.
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