Obtaining Geolocation in Play using IP Address

In this blog , I will explain how to obtain Geolocation in Play Scala application from IP address of user . You can easily fetch user’s current location or near by location by his IP address .

1) You will require API key to be able to use this feature. To get API key , just go to IPInfoDB .

2) Get user’s IP address

var ipAddress = request.remoteAddress

3) Provide the IPInfoDB’s API Key

val key = "Your API Key"

4) Then obtain the user’s location from the following link

val ipInfoDBURL = new URL("http://api.ipinfodb.com/v3/ip-city" + "/?key=" + key + "&ip=" + ipAddress + "&format=" + "json")
val conn = ipInfoDBURL.openConnection

5) At last get the data from the Input Stream of connection

val connection = ipInfoDBURL.openConnection
val input = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(connection.getInputStream))
val geoLocation = new StringBuffer
for (i <- 0 to 12) {

will provide you Geolocation in JSON format with all details including Latitude and Longitude.

Note :- Add following line in application.conf file


Otherwise Play application wont be able to fetch Public IP Address of User.

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4 Responses to Obtaining Geolocation in Play using IP Address

  1. somatik says:

    Better use the play WS instead of URL to avoid blocking

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