Monthly Scala News Letter – May 2014

We are back again with May 2014, Newsletter. Here is this Monthly Scala News letter – May 2014

In this newsletter, you will find that how industries adopting Typesafe Reactive Platform in their applications and how they are getting benefits from this.

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About Rishi Khandelwal

Lead Consultant having more than 6 years industry experience. He has working experience in various technologies such as Scala, Java8, Play, Akka, Lagom, Spark, Hive, Kafka, Cassandra, Akka-http, Akka-Streams, ElasticSearch, Backbone.js, html5, javascript, Less, Amazon EC2, WebRTC, SBT
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2 Responses to Monthly Scala News Letter – May 2014

  1. Your newsletter is all cool and that, but the design could really use an improvement. The colors are way off, font sizes too small and the overall feel – unfinished.

    Sorry that I had to say that here.

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