Scala in Business | Knoldus Christmas Newsletter – December 2014

Hello Folks

We are back again with December 2014, Newsletter. Here is this Scala in Business | Knoldus Newsletter – December 2014

In this news letter, you will see that how fast organisations are adopting Typesafe Reactive Platform to get best solution, how functional programming is getting into mainstream and how functional programming is becoming popular choice among the developers.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2015 to you and your family from entire Knoldus Family. Happy Holidays !

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About Rishi Khandelwal

Lead Consultant having more than 6 years industry experience. He has working experience in various technologies such as Scala, Java8, Play, Akka, Lagom, Spark, Hive, Kafka, Cassandra, Akka-http, Akka-Streams, ElasticSearch, Backbone.js, html5, javascript, Less, Amazon EC2, WebRTC, SBT
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