Play 2.4.X : Microservice Architecture using Play and Scala


This blog describes a basic Microservice architecture design using Play 2.4.X and Scala. The big idea behind microservices is to architect large, complex and long-lived applications as a set of cohesive services that evolve over time. The term microservices strongly suggests that the services should be small.

In short, the microservice architectural style is an approach to developing a single application as a suite of small services, each running in its own process and communicating with lightweight mechanisms, often an HTTP resource API.

Single node microservice architecture


Multiple node microservice architecture with load balancer


Dive into code level activities

Scalastyle : Check the code quality

To check code quality of all the modules

$ ./activator clean compile scalastyle

Scoverage : Check code coverage of test cases

To check code coverage of test cases for all modules

$ ./activator clean coverage test

By default, scoverage will generate reports for each project seperately. You can merge them into an aggregated report by invoking

$ ./activator coverageAggregate

Deployment : microservices

$ ./activator "project <service-name>" "run <PORT>"


About Anand Kumar Singh

Lead Software Engineer at Rklick Solutions LLC. He is having 4+ years of experience in Java, Grails/Groovy and Scala language. Anand also knows about Javascript, jQuery, CSS and other UI design technologies. He is SCJP and OCA certified developer. Anand is passionate to work with upcoming technologies and bleeding platforms providing the new way to programming & development. He is actively involved in development & maintenance of several software projects. He has been enjoying Scala for more than a year now. Anand completed his MCA from IGNOU. As a Developer, Anand is continuing his journey by actively collaborating with other Developers in his field. Anand is actively contributing on the ScalaGeek platform. He likes to spend his free time in Cooking, watching Discovery for new Technology and visiting new places with friends.
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