Introducing Vorlon.js: A Remote debugger for Javascript

Vorlon.JS – Introduction

Microsoft released Vorlon.js as an OpenSource. It aims to make debugging and testing websites, hybrid apps, game console or even an IOT- connected refrigerator easier, you can remotely connect up to 50 devices and execute JavaScript in each or all of them.


What is Vorlon.JS?

Vorlon.js itself is a small server you can run from your local machine, or install on a web server for other member of teams can sync with dashboard which Vorlon.js provides then you can communicates with your remotely connected devices. Its like a f12 which we can find in every browsers, But with Vorlon.js its a f12 for remotely connected devices.

How to Install Vorlon.JS?

– Make sure you have installed nodejs.
– Install Vorlon.js by passing command using CLI of your terminal

To get started using Vorlon.JS you will need to install it from npm:

$ npm install -g vorlon

Once Vorlon.JS is done installing, you can now run the server:

$ vorlon

When you hit the above command you will get the console info:

-info: Vorlon.js PROXY listening on port 5050
-info: Vorlon.js SERVER listening on port 1337

With the server running, open http://localhost:1337 in your browser to see the Vorlon.JS dashboard

Main technologies are behind Vorlon.js is:

– A Node.js Server that is hosting the dashboard page
– to establish direct connections with dashboard and other various connected devices

Here’s a global schema of how it works:


The last step is to enable Vorlon.JS by adding this to your app:

Everything has been set to start debugging

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  1. nitin says:

    Well explained

  2. nitin says:

    Well explained.

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