In this blog we will go through apache flink  Single Node installation process,if you are not familiar with what apache flink is and what it do ,you can read from here

now lets start with following steps

  • download apache flink latest version from here
  • go to the root folder where flink is downloaded and navigate to bin folder
  • now simply start your local cluser using command ./
  • type jps you can see job manger is started on localhost
  • confirm it by typing the address in browser localhost:8081
  • if you see inside the flink floder there is another folder named example

it contains all the prebuilt examples for batch processing as well as datastream processing that we can screenshot-from-2017-01-28-233943

now we will run theses examples just type the following command

in my case i am running the word count jar you can run any

bin/flink run examples/batch/WordCount.jar –input <filename> –output <filename>(optional)

Screenshot from 2017-01-28 23:36:07.png

you will have the ouput in your output fille you can see if your job is completed or not by navigating to http://localhost:8081/#/completed-jobs 


i   hope this blog will be helpfull for flink starters ,happy coding

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