Feedback App: For Sessions/ Meetup

Screenshot_20170411-132612Hello folks, hope you are doing cool, so lets start what is this “Feedback” app, earlier days i was wondering how companies, institutes and groups are taking feedbacks from attendees or users.

Generally we at Knoldus and others (not all, may be some of them using better or other approaches) follow some standard ways like, sending feedback forms to them or asking them to fill on paper, but it seems a bit time taking or sometimes boring, or in the cases like where some individuals come from different locations in meetup, so asking their details like number, email or filling some forms at your location does not seems cool.

So i thought to develop an app with key ideas like: (some may have better ideas because there is always an improvement but it’s my views for the time.)

Taking  feedback should be quick.

  • Feedback records/stats should be there at same time.
  • Feedback records/stats can be shared at same time to anyone using social media apps. like facebook, whatsapp, emails, messengers etc.
  • There should be some interactive features like, voice replies from app to make it more attractive and interactive.
  • It should not be time consuming, like filling email, giving name, taking pen etc.
  • and much more… B-)

Here are some images from the app, you can check.


Although i do have some ideas in mind like.

  • Putting an area to get some additional comments, suggestions, improvements etc about session / meetup.
  • Getting some basic user details for further communication (may be).

Off-course your suggestions and improvements are the key factor for this app, so welcome 🙂

You can download this app for free: Here
Keep sharing, keep learning & feeding back 😉



About Nikhil Kumar

Senior Software Consultant at Knoldus Software LLP.
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