2018 Highlights: A look back of our 2018 journey!

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It’s been a great year for us at Knoldus Inc. and we would like to thank you for your constant support and valuable interactions in 2018. We are sure you are looking forward to this brand new year as much as we are.

All of our successes so far would not have been possible without the support of our team, partners, and of course, our clients year after year. Through the triumphs and trials, we strive to continue serving our clients and the community with the highest level of excellence throughout the new year and beyond. Here’s a look back at 2018 highlights! Read on 🙂

Knowledge sharing experiences at Conferences:

Attending conferences and community meetups was a condensed and intense time of learning, inspiring and knowledge pooling! In 2018, we had a pleasure of attending many tech conferences and events focused around Scala, Spark, Functional and Reactive programming.


Here are a few of them:

  • Scala Days Berlin
  • Scala Days Newyork
  • Reactive Summit
  • Spark+ AI Summit, Europe
  • Functional Conference, Bangalore

Apart from just attending the conferences, some Knolders also got selected as a Speaker and some of their talks got selected for the upcoming spectacular conferences:

  • Reactive Summit: When a monolithic system goes on a reactive cruise (Vikas Hazrati)
  • Spark + AI Summit, London: Smart Searching Through Trillion of Research Papers with Apache Spark ML (Himanshu Gupta)
  • Tech Triveni: Simplified Scala Monads And Transformation (Harmeet Singh), Distributing the SMACK stack – Kubernetes VS DCOS (Sahil Sawhney), Blue Pill / Red Pill: The Matrix of thousands of data streams (Himanshu Gupta)
  • Scala Up North: The monolith who went on a cruise(Vikas Hazrati)
  • Spark + AI Summit, SFO 2019 (Himanshu Gupta)
  • Functional Conference, Bangalore: Running Pure Functional Microservices on JVM (Harmeet Singh)

We Published 360 Blogs in 2018!

We always believe that sharing skills and knowledge is a simple way to improve strategy and quality of the work. In 2018, we had the opportunity to create some fantastic blog posts; we published articles on topics spanning the breadth and depth of our technology stack. For a look back, here are some of our hottest blogs:


Knol. Tech. Events.


In 2018 there were 48+ KnolX that kickstarted our energetic office clock. KnolX is the name assigned to the “Interactive and insightful session” given by Knolders every friday. Every week on Friday evening, the entire company gets together for an intensive knowledge transfer and presentation program.  

Apart from this, meet-ups and webinars are the other mediums through which we help our customers learn about our technology services to streamline their business and, increase productivity.

You can read more about our KnolX sessions, webinars, and meet-ups here.

Our Monthly Meet


Knolmeet is a name given to the monthly meeting arranged every last Friday of the month. In this, all the Knolders gather and discuss Knoldus’ performance highlights, growth plans, and the required employee friendly alignments. We strive to make it a fun-filled experience for every Knolder in order to make each day at the office a new adventure, a new opportunity to feed their minds by imbuing them with tech thoughts.


Our Slack Addiction

Yes, Slack is an addiction. Don’t get me wrong. We still need Slack for discussing projects, company matters and of course for casual chit chats and team bonding. So last year we were quite garrulous 🙂 We’ve sent 398 447 slack messages.

I bet that we’ll be even more chatty this year! Don’t forget to watch out the numbers by the end of 2019.

Agile, Sprint, and Goals

As you all know, daily scrum is a critical, daily inspect-and-adapt activity. We do have our own Knol-approach to daily scrum (although not the only approach) that is for each member of the development team to synchronize their activities and develop a plan for the next 24 hours. So in 2018, we had 237+ daily scrums targeted to improve alignment between executive leadership and delivery teams.

We launched Knoldus Innovation Lab!


Knoldus Innovation LabsAnother significant milestone for Knoldus was launching KIL(Knoldus Innovation Labs) whose key mission is to enable organizations to capture new value and business capabilities. We also launched a “KSAI Library” under this lab category. Basically, it’s a machine learning library which contains various algorithms such as classification, regression, clustering and many others. Read more about Knoldus Innovation labs here!


We expanded our footprints!

As a part of our commitment to remain at the forefront of business innovation and offering the best solutions to enterprises, we officially announced the opening of a new office in Pune. We’re excited by the opportunities that lie ahead and the growth we are planning. With a new office in Pune, we are connecting with more business networks to show them what we can offer as the world’s largest pure Scala + Spark development agency.

We got awarded as well!!!

Knoldus-Clutch-Award-B2B-2018-Leader Knoldus always believes in taking clients’ expectations to a next level by delivering them with the best quality of their work. Information about our code quality can also be found on Clutch. We feel honored to receive this award as it will go a long way in helping them to share it with our clients. Recognition of Knoldus as a 2018 Clutch Global Leader added a new feather to our cap in 2018.


Kudos and Notes of appreciation given

At Knoldus we believe feedback in the workplace is key to bringing out the best. Last year, we crossed 500 including those we received from our clients as well as internal appreciation notes. Since we follow an open and non-hierarchical culture, thus there is no chance that any tiny victory is left unnoticed.

Annual Outing Oblique!


Being a distributed team, outings are always something that we look forward to, as it helps employees in finding ways of unwinding. Knolders had a fun-filled trip around lavish royal residences and lakes in Udaipur.

It’s been a great year for making progress learning and adapting through the delivery of various projects; and building an open and collaborative culture that puts us in a work-balanced state for 2019. We have started 2019 with 120 people and we’re looking for more professionals – Come and Join Us!

We look forward to bringing you more articles in 2019—to tide yourself over until then, follow the Knoldus Twitter account, sharing updates daily, and Subscribe to our Newsletter!

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