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In this blog, we are going to explain how Tidy Gherkin works as a Boon for Business Analyst.

Who writes or creates Behaviour-driven development (BDD) scenarios i.e feature file?

The domain expert typically writes the Story Narrative. In Agile/Scrum project that will be the Product Owner in consort with Functional Test or Business Analyst roles within the Team.

Cucumber is created to enable non-technical people to participate in the development directly. But how can a non-technical or BA participate in the development directly? Because these people have more domain knowledge and have less knowledge about how to use software tools.
So the question is where BA should write the feature file?

Tidy Gherkin: It is a Chrome App which helps us in writing the feature files.

Benefits of Tidy Gherkin

  1. Its Chrome App, so very easy to install
  2. No need to install IDE.
  3. No prior knowledge needed for any Development IDE
  4. Free
  5. Very lightweight
  6. Easy to use and learn

How to install: Click on the below link to install the Tidy Gherkin.

Tidy Gherkin Chrome app Store link

Features of Tidy Gherkin:

  • On the go Formatting.

On the go Formatting

  • Syntax Error Highlighting.

Syntax Error Highlighting

  • Inserting Scenario or Scenario Outline Template.

Inserting Scenario or Scenario Outline Template


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