It has been an interesting week for Knoldus. At this time, almost half of the organization is awake worldwide for us in Toronto, Singapore, Berlin, Chicago, Miami, Mumbai and Noida participating in our CodeCombat 2018 (24 hours long Hackathon).

This week Knoldus also spoke at the ScalaDays 2018, Berlin.

The other wonderful part is onboarding of a huge healthcare organization who would like to transform their existing systems which save lives on a daily basis. They would like it to become modern and available for 100x load as they go ahead with their plans. Currently, they have been dogged with low pace of innovation, slow response times as the users grow on their platform and a flat business growth for the last few years.

The solution for them? Reactive Platform.

Major benefits of the Reactive platform are as follows

More reliable infrastructure

At the heart of Reactive Platform is Akka, an actor-based message-driven runtime that provides the foundation for unprecedented resilience.

Massive scalability and elasticity

Reactive Platform scales up and out effortlessly on multi-core and cloud computing architectures. It handles bursts in traffic with ease, without requiring hardware over-provisioning so you can reap the benefits of elasticity.

Rapid time to value

The actor-based, asynchronous foundation of the Reactive Platform reduces dependencies between components, which enables feature teams to work autonomously and delivery continuously. They can build microservices with the principles of DDD, Event Sourcing and CQRS built in. The services are provided with built-in circuit breakers to allow your service to stay responsive in massive load scenarios

Disrupt markets

Reactive Platform accelerates time to Value. It can also unleash innovation to capture entirely new markets.

Profitable infrastructure

The Reactive Platform is actor-based and uses asynchronous message passing, it more densely utilizes commodity hardware compared with traditional systems bloated by locked threads. The cost savings are huge in terms of development and DevOps.

Access to real-time insights

When Apache Spark is combined with your Reactive application, you can reimagine how data flows through your organization. As you move away from data-at-rest to a data-in-motion message-based architecture, you can slash analytical latencies from hours to seconds.

Who uses the Reactive Platform?

If you are intrigued by the benefits of the reactive platform, you would also like to know who is using it. This is a partial list of the names that you would recognize who use the Reactive Platform. Some of them are Knoldus customers.


If you are planning to take your product or service to be webscale then please get in touch with us for a quick analysis of your case and recommendation from Knoldus on how you can keep disrupting the market on We would be keen to partner with you on your journey.


About the Author: Vikas Hazrati

Vikas is the Founding Partner @ Knoldus which is a group of software industry veterans who have joined hands to add value to the art of software development. Knoldus does niche Reactive and Big Data product development on Scala, Spark and Functional Java. Knoldus has a strong focus on software craftsmanship which ensures high-quality software development. It partners with the best in the industry like Lightbend (Scala Ecosystem), Databricks (Spark Ecosystem), Confluent (Kafka) and Datastax (Cassandra). To know more, send a mail to or visit

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