2019 Rewind: Key Highlights of Knoldus’ 2019 Journey

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As 2019 comes to a close, we decided to rewind the year and take a look at the key highlights of the incredible ride that we’ve had in the past year. It has been a great journey with the encouragement and backing we have received from our clients, stakeholders, and partners. We are ready to step into the next phase with even more enthusiasm and vigour.

Before we venture into 2020, here is a snapshot of Knoldus Highlights 2019.

Awards & Recognitions

  1. Top Canada B2B service provider in 2019 by Clutch
    Clutch has recognized Knoldus as one of the top Canada B2B service providers in 2019 in the developers’ category. We have been featured in the list of 300 companies as the highest-performing service providers in the country. 
  1. Global Leader on Clutch 1000
    As a result of our hard work in helping our clients leverage cutting-edge digital engineering, we’ve been named a top Enterprise App Modernization firm on the Clutch 1000 list. This is a comprehensive directory of the top B2B service providers around the globe and we’ve been featured in the top 10% of the list.
  1. Top Blockchain Development Company of the year
    We have been featured in the list of top 40 Blockchain Development companies in 2019 by Tech Reviewer. We stand at an impressive 14th position on the list.

Strategic Partnerships

Through our partnerships, we have an unwavering commitment to equipping your organization with the knowledge, skills, expertise, resources, and tools to succeed.

We are excited about our latest partnership with HashiCorp, a company based out of San Francisco that helps organizations solve development, operations & security challenges. Our partnership with them is aimed at expanding market initiatives around DevOps principles, cloud adoption technologies, and data centre management.

This year, we also announced our partnership with Docker, the global leader in the containerization market. Docker empowers organizations with a container platform that brings traditional applications & microservices into an automated and secure supply chain to make DevOps a reality.

Our presence across tech events around the globe

At Knoldus, we believe in sharing our knowledge and not leaving any stone unturned when it comes to giving back to the technology community. Keeping this in mind, we contributed to the following tech events, whether global or domestic.

Spark + AI Summit Europe 2019
Himanshu Gupta, Lead Consultant at Knoldus, delivered his session at Spark + AI Summit Europe which was held on 15th-19th October at Amsterdam. This is Europe’s largest data and machine learning conference organized by Databricks. Himanshu’s talk was titled ‘Blue Pill/Red Pill: The Matrix of Thousands of Data Streams’.

Kafka Summit 2019
Himani Arora and Ramaraju Indukuri from Knoldus presented their session at the Kafka Summit 2019 held in London on May 13-14th. The summit is organized by Confluent and the session delivered by Knoldus was titled Seamless Guest Experience with Kafka Streams.

Scala Matsuri 2019
Our Lead DevOps Consultant, Sahil Sawhney, delivered his session at Scala Matsuri 2019, the largest International Scala conference in Asia which was held in Tokyo on 27th-29th June 2019. His session was titled ‘PreMonR: A Reactive Platform to monitor Reactive Application

Tech Triveni 2.0
Asia’s first Functional, Reactive programming and Big Data conference saw the following sessions from Knoldus.

We don’t just focus on global events, we also keep the growth of our developers in mind as well. Our knowledge-sharing initiatives within the organization in the form of KnolX and webinars are ur efforts towards that. We held 80+ KnolX sessions throughout the year every Friday and 30+ webinars. You can watch the recordings of the webinars and KnolX sessions on our YouTube channel and subscribe to it too so that you do not miss out on further uploads. 

New Initiatives

Let’s take a look at our new initiatives this year. 

This year, our data wizards officially formed MachineX to solve complex problems in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and contributing to the AI/ML community through webinars, blogs, conferences, and open-source contributions. They regularly share their insights and perspectives on their Linkedin page, to keep yourself updated with the latest insights of AI/ML follow our LinkedIn Page.

RAP (Resource Acquisition Planner) 
RAP is an inhouse application built to manage the availability of resources within Knoldus. The idea came from the daily problem of meeting rooms being occupied whenever someone wanted to hold an important discussion. Instead of opting for a commercial product, we took this problem up as a learning project and converted it into a successful product. Now, RAP has become a part of our everyday lives and Knolders can book meeting rooms, projectors, conference rooms and other resources. Recent updates to RAP now allows users to send notifications and add agenda for their bookings.

Rust programming language
We started working in the Rust programming language in late 2018 but this year, we gave a major boost to our efforts by introducing a few client projects and sharing our perspectives and insights through a bi-weekly newsletter – “Rust Times” plus a LinkedIn page dedicated to Rust Programming Language. We share updates, our insights and the latest happenings in the space of Rust programming language around the world through these two mediums. 

In addition, we initiated three internal projects using Rust.

  • Prolance, a Protocol Surveillance Tool built on Rust
  • Conf-Count, a Conference Monitoring System in Rust
  • Hawk, an image recognition application using Rust and AWS

If you are a Rust programming language enthusiast, follow our LinkedIn page and subscribe to Rust Times newsletter to receive regular updates in the world of Rust.

Reactive and Functional Programming in Java
We started a LinkedIn page by the same name because we understand the advantages that Reactive and Functional programming in Java can bring to the table and we wanted to share our resources so that others in the industry can recognize the same. We encourage you to follow the LinkedIn page for regular updates if you’re a Reactive and Functional enthusiast.

Scalageek is a gaming app for Scala enthusiasts who can learn Scala and put their skills to test in a fun and engaging way. The app enables you to –

  • Learn new concepts through videos and solve coding challenges
  • Compete with your peers & co-workers on multiplayer programming games
  • Take interactive quizzes to know where you stand in your Scala programming skills

If you’re a Scala enthusiast, you can download the game!

Knoldus Tech Hub
We launched Knoldus Tech Hub this year as an internal project and it caters to development needs with open source libraries pertaining to all the technologies and tools used at Knoldus. The idea behind Knoldus Tech Hub was that developers can give 100% focus on their projects and not worry about designing, coding and testing part of it as they can build one in minutes. 

To access these templates, you can visit the website. Accelerate your learnings, Accelerate your development!

A major step towards agility

We launched our Agile transformation practice with a Business agility model for our partners and clients so that they can unlock their full potential and be fast and responsive in the face of external competition, innovate constantly, transform the organization’s culture & processes towards agility, and bring business agility at the leadership level.

We had our fair share of appreciations and compliments

Knoldus thrives on feedback and learnings. We received approximately 700 appreciation and compliments, be it from our clients or team members and that’s how we stay motivated.

Celebrations and Cultural activities

At Knoldus, we don’t leave any opportunity to celebrate, be it festivals or the success of our work and team members. Though, we’ve had a lot of activities and celebrations, here are the ones that stood out amongst all the others.

Diwali Party and celebrations
We had a blast on Diwali 2019 with a fun-filled, fabulous party followed by a week-long celebration with food & game stalls, Rangoli competition, Diya lighting ceremony and an ethnic outfit theme. Here’s a glimpse.

Navratri celebrations
We celebrated Navratri 2019 in style with a Dandiya evening where we danced our hearts out.

Independence Day celebrations
We observed a Gratitude Fortnight from 4th August till 14th August 2019 and clubbed it with the Independence Day celebrations. Apart from expressing our gratitude to each other, we also had fun games and activities to go with it.

Head start to Corporate Social Responsibility

2019 turned out to be a remarkable year in which we initiated Corporate Social Responsibility to give back to the community that we live in and we want to keep adding on to this list every year. Here are the organizations we have collaborated with.

Prayas Vidyalaya
We collaborated with them as a step forward towards Children’s education by organizing collection drives and helping them to put up stalls showcasing handicrafts made by children

Smile Foundation
We have decided to donate the revenue that we receive by running ads on our website and blog for the welfare of the children of Smile Foundation.

With these developments, we have come close to the end of 2019 and we hope to keep making great strides in the coming year. In case you want to be part of our journey and you think we can give a boost to your career, explore opportunities with us here.

Sending our warm wishes to you this holiday season. Have a happy and prosperous New Year!

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