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Spring Cloud GCP – Cloud Spanner

Reading Time: 5 minutes Spring framework is very popular and most widely used across the world. It is also one of the oldest frameworks in Java. The Spring Cloud GCP project makes the Spring Framework a first-class citizen of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Cloud Spanner is a fully managed relational database with unlimited scale, strong consistency, and up to 99.999% availability. It is like the big brother of Cloud Continue Reading

Google Cloud Virtual Private Cloud – VPC

Reading Time: 3 minutes Virtual Private Cloud – VPC provides networking functionality for the cloud-based resources and services that is global, scalable, and flexible. What is the Virtual Private Cloud – VPC network in GCP? A VPC network is a global resource that consists of a list of regional virtual subnetworks (subnets) in data centers, all connected by a global wide area network. VPC networks are logically isolated from each Continue Reading

Testing in the Cloud

Reading Time: 4 minutes This blog will touch on the benefits and best practices of continuous testing in the cloud, why it’s more critical now than ever before. Cloud-based quality assurance (QA) is gradually substituting on-premises QA. Because it helps save time and money on software testing, streamlines processes, and provides access to a wide pool of devices. Getting Started With Cloud Testing Cloud Testing is a type of Continue Reading

Introduction to Cloud

Reading Time: 4 minutes Cloud refers to the servers that are accessed over the internet. Cloud computing is on-demand availability of computer system resources without direct active management by the user. Examples of computing resources contain networks, servers, storage, applications, and services. Some key developing technologies of our times: Artificial intelligence. 2. The Internet of Things. 3. Blockchain and Analytics. All of these technologies work with the massive amounts Continue Reading

How to use Google Cloud IAM on Cloud Storage?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Hello folks, In this blog, we’ll explore What abstraction is primarily used to administer user access in IAM? also how we can create and set permissions to the service account role in GCP. Create Service Account for all buckets objects: click IAM & admin > Service Accounts Click createserviceaccount  Name: serviceacc1 click CREATE AND CONTINUE Add two roles: Storage Object Viewer and Storage Object Creator Click CONTINUE and DONE Alright, Continue Reading

Know About Google Cloud Storage And Google Cloud SQL

Reading Time: 2 minutes What is Google Cloud Storage? Google Cloud Storage is the object storage service. Google Cloud offers a storage service. It comes with a number of useful capabilities out of the box, including object versioning and fine-grained permissions (by object or bucket), which may simplify development and lower operating costs. Several services rely on Google Cloud Storage. Google Cloud Storage allows you to store any kind Continue Reading

Google Cloud Operations Suite

Reading Time: 6 minutes Introduction Google Cloud’s operations suite (formerly Stackdriver) is a set of tools to help you monitor, debug, and trace your applications and infrastructure running in Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to ensure good performance and availability.   What is the operations suite? Google Cloud’s operations suite is made up of products to monitor, troubleshoot and operate your services at scale, enabling your DevOps, SREs, or ITOps Continue Reading

Spring Cloud Stream: an integrated framework of Spring Cloud GCP

Reading Time: 3 minutes Spring Cloud GCP Google Cloud Platform (GCP) provides a cloud computing service that runs the Spring projects in the cloud environment. Spring Cloud GCP project makes the Spring framework a first-class citizen of the Google Cloud Platform. It provides many different libraries which help in using the Google Cloud Platform for applications that are built on Spring Framework. What is Spring Cloud Stream? Spring Cloud Continue Reading

Spring Cloud GCP and Cloud Vision: A New Record Chain

Reading Time: 3 minutes Introduction In this blog post, we will explore Spring Cloud GCP’s support for Spring Boot and Cloud Vision. Spring Cloud GCP Spring Cloud GCP is a suite of libraries that help you build and manage applications on the Google Cloud Platform. Applications built using Spring Cloud GCP have the following characteristics: They are resilient, with a robust design and fault tolerance features like Circuit Breaker Continue Reading

Spring Cloud GCP and Cloud Storage: Unlimited Storage Option

Reading Time: 3 minutes Introduction Section: Spring Cloud Storage provides a convenient abstraction for working with Google Cloud Storage, allowing you to easily access files from your application. And providing you with an interface that is consistent with other Spring APIs. Section: You can also use cloud storage to provide dynamic content to your applications, such as processing images on the fly or streaming videos directly to your client. Continue Reading

Cloud testing in k6 | Tech

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hi Readers, In this blog, I will explore how to run a test script in the K6 cloud to visualise and analyse the results on the web app in real-time. K6 Basically, It is a free and open-source load testing tool for testing the performance of APIs. K6 has a goal-oriented testing mode, and users can define goals using Thresholds when building their tests.  K6 cloud tests from the Continue Reading

Spring Cloud Pub/Sub

Reading Time: 2 minutes Cloud Pub/Sub Google Cloud Pub/Sub allows services to communicate asynchronously, with latency on the order of 100 milliseconds. Pub/Sub is used for streaming analytics and data integration pipelines to ingest and distribute data. It is equally effective as a messaging- oriented middleware for service integration or as a queue to parallelised tasks. Pub/Sub enables to create systems of event producers and consumers, called publishers and subscribers. Publishers communicate Continue Reading

Introduction to Google Cloud Functions

Reading Time: 4 minutes What are Google Cloud Functions?  Google Cloud Functions is a Function as a Service (FaaS) that allows engineers and developers to run code without worrying about server management. Cloud Functions scales as needed and integrates with Google Cloud’s operations suite (such as Cloud Logging) out of the box.   Functions are useful when you have a task or series of tasks that need to happen in response Continue Reading