What’s in a name?

The name of our company holds special meaning to our core vision to get extreme knowledge and use it to benefit our internal and external customers. Each Knol (Unit of knowledge) is well spent at Knoldus.

Knoldus is inspired by Sri Aurobindo who relentlessly pursued Bhramha-Teja. Knoldus combines the power of knowledge with commitment to provide results. We live by the mantra knols . commitment . results

Knol is a unit of Knowledge and Dus comes from Druksh which is Sanskrit for a tree, hence Knoldus is a tree of Knowledge. This is inherently evident from the blogs that we write, the books that we author and the conferences that we speak at.

Knoldus is focused on niche technologies and solving complex problems. We have built fraud detection systems, alerting mechanisms, big big data solutions and massively parallel compute solutions as a part of our portfolio. Write to us and we would love to hear about your unique project.



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