“All You Need To Know About Open Stack”

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Let’s us know about Open Stack in easy words


There are many open source platforms where Open Stack is one of the most famous and trendily open source. It usually uses pooled virtual resources that to build the public clouds and also to manage private and public clouds.

Open Stack consists of a tool that contain projects to handle many functionalities of cloud like computing of cloud, networking and storage, identity.

Although there are many more options available to build a unique and deployable clouds.

To allocate resources in virtualization like storage , RAM and more are engrossed from bunch of vendor specific programs and divided by the hypervisor that which allows you to run one or more VM's as before allocate to any. 

Open stack uses according to the set of application programming interfaces (APIs) to outline those resources.


There are five layers in cloud

  1. Physical / Machine layer
  2. Operating system layer
  3. OS Configuration
  4. Application Dependency
  5. Application software

  • Physical

To deploy any kind of application we need server, hardware and procurement purchase.

So that Physical server can deploy any application.

  • Operating System

This layer defines what kind of OS you want to install in the system.

  • OS Configuration

This layer defines the version update, time configure , IP configuration and user setting also.

  • Application Dependency

It consists of java or python or any kind of programming language.

  • Application Software

To install any kind of application on the OS and configure it.


  1. Horizon :- It is an dashboard of Openstack which shows and allows to manage the cloud activities.
  2. Neutron :- It manages all the services of cloud like IP networking , elastic IP and many more.
  3. Swift :- It uses to store all the objects , instance and can also maximise and minimise of data.
  4. Cinder :- It provides the block level storage for the applications.It actually monitors the storage.
  5. Nova :- It provides the flexibility to the systematically way of cloud design.
  6. Key stone :- It It identify the services to whom or to what allows like the authorization and authentication depending on how much user has paid.
  7. Glance :- In open stack it offers image services for various purposes like restore, registry on VM’s.
  8. Heat :- It investigate on cloud application whether there any issues occurs within certain time frame.

So this was the basic overview of Openstack and its architecture.

Hope you got some knowledge before beginning with Openstack from this blog.

Thanks for giving your time for this blog, if you want more information on Openstack consider more blogs on the Knoldus website and follow for more updates.Although there are many other cloud services.

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