Author: Addi

The Concept of Date and Time in Java-8

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hi guys, Let’s discuss the concept of Date and Time in Java 8. Well, it was already there then why again in java 8? That is because previously we have many issues in working. So, there are many improvements in java 8 which we will see here. Advantages over old Date-Time API First, we see how the new API is better than the older one: Continue Reading

Operations in Java Streams

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hi guys, with release of Java 8 we get new features like lambda functions, streams etc. and in this blog we are going to have an overview of Streams.Streams reduces the effort for using and accessing the elements in any Collection. So here we will see what are different types of operation in Streams and when to use them. Streams Definition Streams are used when Continue Reading

Getting Started With Apigee

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hi guys, if you are new to Apigee World then this blog helps you to understand the basic features and functionality of Apigee in a better way. So, here is a quick start for you. To be started with Apigee let’s first know Apigee Edge, as it is provided by Apigee for development and managing proxies. Apigee Edge:- This product consists of API services layer Continue Reading