Author: apoorv

IoT(Internet of Things) using JAVA

Reading Time: 4 minutes Introduction Internet of Things is an innovative and revolutionary technology that helps people live and work smarter, other than home automation. IoT is really helpful in the areas of business. It helps companies to automate processes and reduce labor costs. A simple definition of IoT(Internet of Things) is providing the “Internet as a common platform where multiple devices can connect and communicate with each other”. Continue Reading

Apache Camel (An Integration Framework Tool)

Reading Time: 4 minutes The Blog covers a basic introduction to the tool Apache Camel and its necessary features. Let us begin with a basic understanding of the need for the tool Apache Camel. Introduction to Apache Camel Technically, Apache Camel is an Integration Framework. In order to understand the tool Apache Camel, it is important to understand the concept of Integration first. Integration, in technical terms, refers to Continue Reading

INHERITANCE: Inspired by Biology, Used in JAVA

Reading Time: 4 minutes INTRODUCTION The term inheritance was actually coined in biology but is widely used in programming languages such as java. the concept is analogous to the concept of genetics in biology, where the children inherit the genetic properties from their parents. and it is reflected in them as well. Technically, Inheritance is described as a mechanism where a class can acquire the features and behaviors of Continue Reading