Author: Ahmed Moustafa

Using the Gradle Checkstyle and PMD Plugins

Reading Time: 2 minutes Checkstyle is a library that analyzes a java project source code against a set of style rules to ensure that all contributions to a project adhere to a certain standard. This improves the readability of the code, decreases the time required to onboard new team members and improves the maintainability of the source code. PMD is a library that analyzes a java project source code Continue Reading

What Are Docker Containers And Why Use Them

Reading Time: 2 minutes In this blog I’ll talk briefly about Docker. People usually compare it to virtual machines, which is not really a fair comparison. Virtual machines are used to solve the problem of compatibility, for example if your code runs on your machine but doesn’t run on another developer’s machine because you’re basically working on a different environment. Docker however runs as a container and sits on Continue Reading

Basic Knowledge For Using Flyway

Reading Time: 2 minutes  In this blog I’m going to talk about integrating Flyway in your Spring Boot application. It is a migrating library that automates and keeps track of database changes, it’s basically version control for your database. How Flyway works In order to use Flyway you need to add the dependency to your pom.xml or build.gradle file. For maven use the following dependency. For Gradle use the Continue Reading

Java 8 Futures and Transformations for beginners

Reading Time: 3 minutes In this blog I’m going to talk about Futures in Java. Futures are used when threads in a system are being blocked. This blocking is due to computations that take a long period of time to execute, the most common sources of blocking are accessing a database, accessing a cloud service and reading from a file. Blocking calls also prevents the code following the blocking Continue Reading