Author: Akash Priyadarshi

AWS Cross Region Replication ie CRR using Terraform

Reading Time: 2 minutes Hi guys, today we will be learning how to perform cross region replication ie CRR on aws using terraform. Basically cross region replication is one the many features that aws provides by which you can replicate s3 objects into other aws region’s s3 bucket for reduced latency, security, disaster recovery etc. You can also do it using AWS console but here we will be using Continue Reading

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Knife Audit to get used and unused cookbooks from chef server

Reading Time: 2 minutes Hello all, today we are going to do a task related to automation in chef. We are going to create a bash script to get all used and unused cookbooks from chef server using knife audit, and also will be deleting unused cookbooks. We can run this script as cron to achieve full automation. Download and Install Chef Workstation First thing first, we are going Continue Reading

Cloudwatch alarms for memory and disk for AWS Ec2 using Terraform

Reading Time: 2 minutes Hi all, in this post we will be going to learn about what are cloudwatch alarms, how to create cloudwatch alarms using terraform as in many use cases we need to provision infrastructure using IAAC(Infrastructure as a code), here terraform. Introduction Alarm:- In AWS we have concept of cloudwatch alarms from where we can track various metric on our ec2. Using alarm we can keep Continue Reading