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I am Akash Sethi. I am currently working at Knoldus Software LLP.

Introduction to Machine Learning

Before jumping directly into what is Machine Learning lets starts with the meaning of individual words i.e. What is Machine and What is Learning. A machine is a tool containing one or more parts that transform energy. Machines are usually … Continue reading

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Cassandra Internals: Writing Process

What is Apache Cassandra? Apache Cassandra is a massively scalable open source non-relational database that offers continuous availability, linear scale performance, operational simplicity and easy data distribution across multiple data centres and cloud availability zones. Cassandra was originally developed at … Continue reading

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Getting Started with Apache Solr

Apache Solr is an open source search server. Apache Solr includes the full-text search engine called Apache Lucene. So basically Solr is an HTTP wrapper around an inverted Index provided by Lucene. The purpose of Inverted Index is to allow … Continue reading

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Quorum : Ethereum-based distributed ledger protocol

In Simple words Quorum is an Ethereum-based distributed ledger protocol that supports transaction and contract privacy. The primary features of Quorum. Transaction and contract privacy Voting-based consensus mechanism Network/Peer permissions management Higher performance Apart from these feature Quorum includes one … Continue reading

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BlockChain Internals: Data Storage

A BlockChain is a public ledger that create a digital ledger of transactions and share it among a distributed network of computers. BlockChain uses cryptography to allow each participant on the network to manipulate the ledger in a secure way … Continue reading

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Introduction to MultiChain : BlockChains

MultiChain is a platform that enable us to create and deploy private BlockChain that can be used either within a Organization or between Organizations. MultiChain provides a simple API and command-line interface thats make it easy to maintain and deploy. … Continue reading

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Hadoop Word Count Program in Scala

You must have seen Hadoop word count program in java, python or in c/c++ but probably not in Scala. so, lets learn how to build Word Count Program in Scala. Submitting a Job to Hadoop which is written in Scala … Continue reading

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Introduction to Apache Hadoop: The Need

In this Blog we will read about the Hadoop fundamentals. After reading this blog we will be able to understand why we need Apache Hadoop, So lets starts with the problem. Whats the Problem :- The problem is simple: the … Continue reading

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Introduction To Hadoop Map Reduce

In this Blog we will be reading about Hadoop Map Reduce. As we all know to perform faster processing we needs to process the data in parallel. Thats Hadoop MapReduce Provides us. MapReduce :- MapReduce is a programming model for … Continue reading

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KnolX – Introduction to Streaming in Apache Spark

Based on Apache Spark 1.6.0 Apache Spark provides a special API for stream processing. This allow s user to write streaming jobs as they write batch jobs. Currently supports Java, Scala and Python. Spark Streaming follows the “micro-batch” architecture . … Continue reading

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