Author: Alok Jha

Quick guide: Spring security OAuth2

Reading Time: 3 minutes This blog is the continuation of my previous blog which was The next big thing OAuth 2.0. This post is dedicated to being practical so that you guys can implement the OAuth security service by just reading this post. We will be building a spring boot application that uses the Spring security OAuth2 feature. When building a web application authorization and authentication is a must-do thing Continue Reading

The next big thing : OAuth2.0

Reading Time: 3 minutes OAuth2.0 is nothing but an authorization framework. To clarify it enables our third-party application to obtain limited access to HTTP services. In other words, it allows a third-party application to access limited resources on its behalf.

Setting up the IAM permission for AWS Lambda

Reading Time: 3 minutes About AWS AWS Lambda is a compute service that lets you run code without managing servers. AWS Lambda executes your code only when needed and scales automatically. You pay only for the compute time you consume – there is no charge when your code is not running. Why IAM? Before we call Lambda function we need to get correct permission setup to access the function. Continue Reading

DDT with Excel in Rest Assured

Reading Time: 3 minutes We have already discussed Rest assured in some of our previous blog posts. The scope of this blog will be DDT only. DDT stands for data driven testing. It is a practice of creation of test script where test data is read from data files instead of old school hard coded values each time scripts run. This way, testers can test how the application handles Continue Reading

Configuration file for log4j: An introduction

Reading Time: 3 minutes Log4j.xml is nothing but configuration file of log4j means you can customize loggers, in this blog we will be looking into this file to now the nuts and bolts of it. Log4j is a java based logging utility used for logging. Logging is an essential add on for any application. It not just printing the messages but also gives you detailed information about the messages. Continue Reading

Test report for Rest Assured

Reading Time: 3 minutes Test report is generally a communication bridge between test manager and stakeholder. The stakeholder can understand the project situation with test report only. One of the use case will be evaluating the quality using test report. It is because you want to make decisions based on those reports for example if there are number of defects remaining the project, we simply not release the project. Continue Reading

Hawk-Rust Series: AWS Lambda for image recognition

Reading Time: 2 minutes This blog is about the heart of the Hawk which is the image recognition process. For this, we used Amazon Rekognition service. Don’t worry I will come to all these terminologies step by step. But I advise you to first go through the first blog post of Hawk-Rust series which will help you to understand the overall architecture of the Hawk. You can refer it Continue Reading

Hawk-Rust Series: Kafka with Rust

Reading Time: 2 minutes In this post, we will see why we used Kafka for Hawk and how we implemented Kafka for Hawk since Hawk is built on Rust it will be interesting to learn how one can use Kafka with Rust.If you don’t have any idea what Hawk is here is a brief overview.Hawk is an image recognition application built in Rust using AWS services.For more details, you Continue Reading

Fearless Concurrency in Rust

Reading Time: 2 minutes In concurrency different part of the program run independently of each other and in parallel programming parts of a program execute at the same time, and these factors are becoming so important as we want to take advantage of multiple processors. In Rust you don’t have look for different circumstances under which runtime concurrency bug occurs because in rust most of the concurrent errors are Continue Reading

Pattern matching in Rust

Reading Time: 2 minutes Ever heard of Rust programming language? Here in this blog, we will look at an important feature of Rust programming language. Have a look in this blog and know why it’s worth learning. Match is a powerful control flow operator it allows us to compare a value against a series of patterns and then execute code based on which pattern matches, although it seems very Continue Reading