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Customization of User Interface in Azure AD B2C

Reading Time: 5 minutes Custom HTML and CSS Overview in Azure AD B2C Azure AD B2C runs code in your customer’s browser by using Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS). At runtime, content is loaded from a URL you specify in your user flow or custom policy. Each page in the user experience loads its content from the URL you specify for that page. After content is loaded from your URL, it’s merged Continue Reading

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Deep-down to Directives in Angular

Reading Time: 3 minutes What are Angular Directives? Directives are the instructions in DOM which give the way how to place your components and business Logic in Angular. Angular Directives start with @Directive and have the prefix ng-. Let’s discuss the types of directives. There are basically four types of directives as discussed below: 1. Component Directives Component Directives describe the detail of the component about their instantiation and Continue Reading