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Automate your requests using Postman Collections – Part #2.

Previously on the blog, We discussed what is Postman Collection and how to create them. But our main aim is to use these collections to automate our requests, such that, we can dynamically modify: URLs Paths Request parameters And a … Continue reading

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Automate your requests using Postman Collections – Part #1.

We usually use the Postman to send requests to our APIs and get a response. All the requests that we send come under history so that we could re-use the requests. But this is a manual approach. So the questions … Continue reading

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Actor Model : Basics before going deep.

We have CPUs and they are getting better every day, in helping us process fast. But CPUs are not getting faster!! What’s happening is that we now have multiple cores on them. And, to take advantage of this, we need … Continue reading

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JMockit: A beginner’s guide for Unit Testing

So we are following TDD, And we are working on unit test cases, And then we are stuck with mocking. Well this was the situation we faced. And while going through various API tools for mocking, we came through this … Continue reading

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Lagom: Consuming a service part-2

So here’s the situation: We are using Lagom framework to develop our micro-services and we need to consume data from other services. What should we do? Well, it’s not going to be a problem for us. Lagom provides very easy … Continue reading

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Lagom and Immutability

What is Lagom? Lagom is not in disguise anymore. Everyone who’s following on micro-service architecture knows about Lagom framework. Lagom is an open source framework built with the shifting from monoliths to micro-services-driven application architecture in mind. It abstracts the … Continue reading

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Let’s Consume a Micro-service

Micro-services architecture is being widely adopted and guess what, Lagom is the most efficient way to achieve it.  While creating micro-services, we usually need to interact with other micro-services and consume their data. So the idea behind this blog is … Continue reading

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SMILE because Regression is easy with Scala

When we think about Regression in Machine Learning, what usually comes in mind are these two techniques: Linear and Logistic regressions. These forms of Regression are considered most used and that’s why they became the most popular. But the truth … Continue reading

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SMILE: A Machine Learning Library for Scala Lovers.

For past few days, I have been getting an interest in Machine Learning. We all have heard that machine learning is the most hyped concept right now. So, what is Machine Learning? How could we describe this concept? Well, Machine … Continue reading

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Solr with Java: A basic hands-on with SolrJ

What is Apache Solr: Apache Solr is a search sever that includes the full-text search engine called Apache Lucene. It takes the piece of information (called documents) that are indexed according to the cores. When a query is performed, solr … Continue reading

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