Author: Anshita Mathur

Basic Introduction to the Testcontainers

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hello everyone! In this blog, we will start with the Basic Introduction of Testcontainers and how Testcontainers help in Integration testing along with its benefits and drawbacks also. What is Testcontainers? As per the official documentation, “Testcontainers is a Java library that supports JUnit tests, providing lightweight, throwaway instances of common databases, Selenium web browsers, or anything else that can run in a Docker container.” Continue Reading

Page Loading Strategy in the Selenium Webdriver

Reading Time: 2 minutes Hello everyone, in this blog we are going to see what is page loading strategy in selenium web driver. What is Page Loading Strategy in Selenium? This page loading strategy will come into the picture whenever you are launching your browser using the get() method or method. By default, Selenium WebDriver follows the standard page load strategy when it loads any page which means Continue Reading

TestNG Vs JUnit | Which one is the Best?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Hello Everyone, in this blog we will see the difference between TestNg and JUnit. TestNG Vs JUnit – What’s the Difference? TestNG and JUnit are two very popular terms spoken amongst the testers simply because they are used very heavily in the community. They are the most popular testing frameworks for Java applications. Both TestNG and Junit are Testing frameworks used for Unit Testing. Let’s Continue Reading

How to Handle Multiple windows or tabs using selenium 4.0

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hello Everyone, in this blog we will learn how we can handle multiple Windows or tabs using selenium 4.0. Scenario for Handle Multiple Tabs or Windows Suppose we are on the website, when we enter this website in our selenium script it directs us to the Knoldus homepage, and at that time if we want to open a new page in a New Tab Continue Reading

How to capture a Screenshot of a Web Page, Section, and a Web Element in Selenium

Reading Time: 4 minutes Hello Everyone! In this blog, we will talk about one of the important features of Selenium for Automation Testing i.e How to Capture a Screenshot of a Web Page, Section, and Web Element through Selenium. So, let’s start. Why Screenshot is required in Automation Testing? Whenever a tester finds and reports a bug, that bug would not be taken seriously without supporting screenshots or even Continue Reading

Testing in the Cloud

Reading Time: 4 minutes This blog will touch on the benefits and best practices of continuous testing in the cloud, why it’s more critical now than ever before. Cloud-based quality assurance (QA) is gradually substituting on-premises QA. Because it helps save time and money on software testing, streamlines processes, and provides access to a wide pool of devices. Getting Started With Cloud Testing Cloud Testing is a type of Continue Reading

Monitor API Collections in Postman

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hello Everyone! In this blog, we will talk about monitoring your APIs via Postman. Let’s assume you have some production in point that has to always be up and running. So, you cannot go to the postman all the time and even not run the collection to make sure that all the things are up and running. For that reason, the postman has one inbuilt Continue Reading

Execute postman collection with docker-compose

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hello Everyone, Today we will go through with one interesting integration provided by Postman i.e run your collection using Docker. In this, we can see how we can integrate your postman API request and run it from a docker container. Let’s start, the simple prerequisite for this blog is that you have docker installed in your machine. What is Docker? Docker is a container system Continue Reading

Mocking Data in Postman

Reading Time: 4 minutes Mocking in general dictionary terms means imitating or making a replica of something. So here we will replicate the server. There are plenty of other reasons and tools to work with a mock server. But Postman already has an inbuilt feature to deploy a mock server without any external installation. What is Mock Server? A mock server is a server that is not a real Continue Reading