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Implementation of SAGA with Axon FrameWork with SpringBoot Part – 2

Reading Time: 5 minutes In Part 1 (this post), we will continue with our implementation and connect our services to the Axon Server. Common Service Implementation: Structure of Common Service: Payment Service Implementation: Payment Service Structure : Payment Aggregate: This service will receive the event and process it accordingly. Shipment Service Implementation: Shipment Service Structure : ShipmentAggregate: Will handle the event and process the incoming event.

Implementation of SAGA with AxonFrameWork with SpringBoot Part.1

Reading Time: 6 minutes Introduction In Part 1 (this post), we will understand what Saga Pattern really is. We will start building the sample application using Saga Pattern. Continuing in Part 2, we will continue with our implementation. Saga Pattern proposes implementing distributed transactions in the form of Sagas. Whenever a local transaction occurs, it publishes a message or an event. Such an event is responsible for triggering the next Continue Reading

Creative team planning application and developing template layout, framework for mobilephone.

A Brief Introduction to Axon Framework

Reading Time: 5 minutes Introduction:The framework was first released in 2010 as a pure open source CQRS/ES framework. The framework has significantly evolved over the past years and in addition to the core, the framework offers a server option that includes an Event Store and an Event Router. Axon’s core framework and the server abstract the complex infrastructural concerns required in implementing CQRS/ES patterns and help enterprise developers focus Continue Reading

Working with RabbitMQ and RestApi Using Apache Camel

Reading Time: 2 minutes IntroductionIn this blog, we are going to learn the basic structure and how we can handle the API call and route it to RabbitMQ.We are going to create a maven project in which we will be handling this scenario. Maven Structure of the Project: The pom.xml is as follows Create a Model class :Here I am using Lombok to avoid boilerplate code. Define the Camel Continue Reading

A basic guide of SAGA EIP with Apache Camel.

Reading Time: 3 minutes Introduction In this blog we are going to see the Performance of the SAGA design pattern with Apache Camel, we followed the saga pattern that Héctor Garcia-Molina and Kenneth Salem created in 1987. Our use case, allows us to enforce the dispersed business transaction, handle the error cases, and ensure that we can leave the system in an ultimately consistent state. It does this by Continue Reading