Author: Arunesh Jain

Kotlin : Lambdas and Higher-Order Functions

Reading Time: 3 minutes High order function (Higher level function) is a function which accepts function as a parameter, returns a function and it can do both. We can pass a function instead of passing Int, String, or other data types as a parameter in a function. Lambdas Expressions Lambdas Expressions are essentially anonymous functions that we can treat as values , for example -pass lambda expressions as arguments to Continue Reading

Kotlin : Use of Collections

Reading Time: 3 minutes Collections The Kotlin Standard Library provides a comprehensive set of tools for managing collections – groups of a variable number of items that are significant to the problem being solved and are commonly operated on. Collections are a common concept for most programming languages, usually containing a number of objects (elements,items) of the same type. The following collection types are relevant for Kotlin: List is an ordered collection Continue Reading

Important Difference : Kotlin vs Java

Reading Time: 4 minutes Kotlin vs Java Kotlin is a statically typed language developed by JetBrains similar to Java, Most of the developers starts using Kotlin for developing Android Applications. This is evident from the fact that Android Studio comes with inbuilt support for Kotlin like it has for Java. The Question arises that we should switch to Kotlin?– Before making any choice we should understand the distinction between Continue Reading