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GraphQL – The Better REST

Over the past few years, the REST has become a de-facto architecture for the web services, which emphasize to communicate through the textual data. The user is given a URI of the resource and user can perform various operations (GET, POST, … Continue reading

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Scraping a website with Akka and JSoup

Do you want to catch up with your opponents by looking at their product listings or generate your own content from someone else’s website or want to run some analytics or just want to scrap a website for the sake … Continue reading

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Creating GraphQl API with Sangria

Sangria is a library that processes the graphQL queries coming to the server and pass on the object to business layer of the application, which mostly further queries database to get information which sangria passes on as response to the … Continue reading

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Knolx – Introduction to D3.JS

Hi all, Knoldus has organized a 30 min session on 4th August 2017 at 3:30 PM. The topic was Introduction to D3.JS. Many people have joined and enjoyed the session. I am going to share the slides here. Please let … Continue reading

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Introduction to D3.js {Part -3}

The charts are more meaningful when they have axes around them. The axes tell the quantity of a particular datum represented on the plane. This a how-to-post to create the axes around a D3 chart. D3 provides .json() method to … Continue reading

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Introduction to D3.js {Part – 2}

In our previous blog post we saw how to create a simple histogram based on data. But still our chart is not ideal chart as the range of data in array can vary from too small to very large numbers … Continue reading

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Introduction to D3.JS

D3.js is a javascript library to render the amazing charts based on data. It can be used to visualise the stats and finding the patterns, showing the comparison between two or more time-series data, drawing the data in real time … Continue reading

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Saga of Netty ( Part 1 – Theoretical Introduction )

Why explore Netty? Before starting a series of blog posts about Netty this is an obvious question. If you love to develop distributed or high throughput or big data applications with the help of already crafted libraries and SDKs and have … Continue reading

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Elasticsearch – Pulling Socks!

Well I must say, during my internship I have come across new technologies. But I am quite fascinated by this search engine – Elasticsearch! I want to explore this tool. Reasons are – Used by big websites like Github (to … Continue reading

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