Author: Ayush Kumar

Automation using Record and playback feature in Katalon studio

Reading Time: 3 minutes What is Katalon studio? Before directly jumping to the Automation through Katalon studio, firstly we understand a bit about Katalon studio. Katalon studio is a free and simple tool for automated testing that uses the Selenium and Appium libraries and can be found pre-installed in the tool. It provides a specialized IDE interface for smooth and easy web, API, mobile and desktop application testing. With Continue Reading

How to Create Test case in Manual mode with Katalon Studio

Reading Time: 4 minutes Introduction Katalon Studio is an easy and free automation tool that helps individuals to perform automation tasks. It comes with Record-playback feature and a Manual mode feature. Katalon studio helps the individual with less programming skill to easily generate automation tests by supporting keyword-driven testing where test cases consist of keywords that represent actions of users on the AUT (Applications Under Test). In this blog, Continue Reading