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How to take back-up and restore F5 BIG-IP configuration files

Reading Time: 3 minutes What is Load-balancer? A load balancer is a device that acts as a reverse proxy and distributes the network across a number of servers. It is used to increase the capacity and reliability of applications. Load balancer helps in dividing the user requests among multiple servers, which results in a better user experience. Load balancer is grouped into two categories: It works upon data found Continue Reading


How to create a User in ArgoCD and generate the bearer token.

Reading Time: 2 minutes When we talk about Argo CD, we can y say that it is a declarative GitOps tool. Which is used as continuous delivery for Kubernetes. It focuses on the management of application deployments in multiple clusters and also gives the smooth continuous delivery from VCS (Github) to your Kubernetes. Prerequisite Why do we need Users in ArgoCd Now the question comes to mind, why do Continue Reading

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How to manage multiple clusters using ArgoCD

Reading Time: 2 minutes ArgoCD is a declarative, GitOps based Continous Delivery (CD) tool for Kubernetes. It focuses on the management of application deployments, with an outstanding feature set covering several synchronization options, user-access controls, status checks, and many more. It has been developing by intuit in 2018. Prerequisite Installed kubectl command-line tool Have kubeconfig file Git repo Installed ArgoCD here Setup the clusters on GKE or EKS (where Continue Reading


Create the Docker image from the Dockerfile present on Github

Reading Time: 3 minutes In this we will write a dockerfile which is present on the github and with that we are creating the docker image . Docker image is build on your dockerhub repository . We can say that we are setting up automated builds . Github Github is a specific open-source version control system created by linus torvalds in 2005 . It is distributed version control system Continue Reading

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When to go for ansible and when for terraform

Reading Time: 2 minutes Before we go with use-case of both terraform and ansible , lets first focus on basic . Ansible :- Ansible is the open source software configuration management tool that provide simple but poweful automation for cross-platform computer support . This allows you to configure not just one computer, but potentially a whole network of computer at once , using it require no programming skills . Continue Reading


Architecture of Concourse & their component .

Reading Time: 2 minutes Concourse is just a simple distributed system build-up, from the following components. The architecture is mainly divided into two nodes i.e. web and worker node. Concourse web and worker subsystems run on multiple VMs. Web node :- * ATC (Air traffic control): Web UI,API,build scheduler All scheduling of pipeline is handled by ATC only, we can also say that ATC is the heart of the Continue Reading