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Try : Handling exceptions with grace in Scala. [Functional way with Scala]

Hey everyone, it’s time to continue our previous blog on how to make our code more robust, concise and better functionally defined at the same time. Here we are moving more towards Scala and leaving traditional Java behind. We will see new … Continue reading

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Exceptions in your code, catching them the best way [Java and Scala overlap]

Hey folks, hope everyone is enjoying their coding days ( or nights whichever you prefer 😛 ) . If you have been redirected here from your browser then you are probably finding a better or cleaner way to make your … Continue reading

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Knolx : Turn Your Mandrill Templates Dynamic

Knoldus organized a session on “Mandrill Templates”. That covered the concepts of templates being used in Mandrill, We also discussed some popular ways which allow us to make these templates dynamic and let us work with branches and loops.

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KnolX: Introduction to TitanDB

Knoldus organized a KnolX session on Wednesday, 27 April 2016.  In this KnolX session we discussed the key features and advantages offered by TitanDB for developing our applications. Since, TitanDB is an open source distributed graph database and has native integration with the TinkerPop graph stack, we … Continue reading

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Introduction to Couchbase

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