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ScalaTest – How to Disable Test Cases using Tagging

Scala Test - How to disable Test Cases using Tagging Tagging your tests ScalaTest allows you to define some test categories, to "tag" tests as belonging to those categories, and filter tests to run based on their tags. For example,…

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Akka Split Brain Resolver

Hello all, Knoldus organized a knolx session on the topic “Akka Split Brain Resolver” on Friday, 1st September 2017 In this session we have discussed about When operating an Akka cluster you must consider how to handle network partitions (a.k.a.…

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Automatic Deployment Of Lagom Service On ConductR On DCOS

In our previous blog we have seen how to deploy the lagom service on conductr - https://blog.knoldus.com/2017/05/25/deploying-the-lagom-service-on-conductr/ In this blog we will create script to deploy your Lagom service on conduct present or running on top of DCOS. There are…

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Akka Split Brain Resolver – Problem and its Solution

AKKA Split Brain Resolver When operating an Akka cluster the developer will surely comes around network partitions (Split Brain scenarios) and machine crashes. There are multiple strategies present by lightbend to handle such erratic behavior and, after a deeper explanation…

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Deploying The Lagom Service On ConductR

In the previous blog, we have discussed how to create a Lagom service based architecture with a beautiful word count example. One can refer to the below link- https://blog.knoldus.com/2017/03/27/lagom-framework-the-legacy-wordcount-example/ In this blog we will discuss now how we can deploy…

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Lagom Framework: The Legacy WordCount Example

What is Lagom? Lagom is an open source micro-service framework, built with Akka message-driven runtime and Play web framework and finally light bend service orchestration. Mixing all these technologies abstracts away the complexities of building, running, and managing microservice architectures.…

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Spark Cassandra Connector On Spark-Shell

Using Spark-Cassandra-Connector on Spark Shell Hi All , In this blog we will see how we can execute our spark code on spark shell using Cassandra . This is very efficient at testing or learning time , where we have…

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Transaction Management in Cassandra

As we are all from the Sql Background and its been ages SQL rules the market , so transaction are something favorite to us . While Cassandra does not support ACID (transaction) properties but it gives you the 'AID' among…

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Cassandra Tips And Techniques

Tips and Techniques to Load Data in Cassandra Using Java - Driver . To Implement Pagination Concepts in various Scenarios in Cassandra

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Cassandra Counter Column And Table

Blog Describes the usage of counter column and table in Cassandra .