Author: Pawan Bisht

Memory Management in Rust: Ownership

Do you know any programming language which allows memory management or you want to manage the memory on your own, maybe because you just don’t want to rely on the garbage collector, Rust allows us to do so? In this blog I am going to tell how you can actually manage your memory on an abstract level . Exited!!? here we go…..

Connecting Rust with AWS S3

Have you ever used S3 bucket with your Rust application? If not! then this blog provides decorous knowledge to work with S3 bucket using Rust Programming Language.In this blog, I will show you how to connect your Rust application with S3 and upload files into it as well.

Handling Request in AWS Lambda using Java

Do you know!! to create your own request handler using Java for AWS Lambda is quite easy. Instead of implementing AWS Lambda’s predefined interfaces and override their abstract methods, you can write your own custom handler with user-defined parameters and use them accordingly. In this blog, we’ll get to know how to create request handler in Java and deploy handler’s jar to AWS Lambda.

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