Author: Deepak Mehra

How to create your first docker images and run it in a docker container via command line?

So, Don’t you hate it when you are into deployments and don’t know how to go about docker and stuff. Today, we will talk about creating docker images and running it in a container via docker command line. It might sound frustrating and not easy but It’s possible and I will show you how. To make things easier from the beginning I have divided the Continue Reading

How to start with Vega : The web security scanner?

Vega – Web security scanner and web security testing platform. Alright, Today I have come up with an interesting topic which is Vega and this blog is inspired by the last blog I wrote on web security. Vega is nothing but a tool, we will talk more about Vega in a while but let’s first talk ‘Why Vega’. So, next when you are done with your Continue Reading

learn Groovy

A quick guide to Groovy

So, you want to learn Groovy in a quick time? I am so glad you are here. This blog is going to be all about Groovy and stuffs related to it. Before we begin let’s understand what Groovy is and How it is different from Java. Groovy is a JVM based dynamic language that runs on the Java Compiler. It is different than Java in a way Continue Reading

Routing and Navigation in detail :Angular2

So, are you wondering how to start routing and navigation in Angular2? I am so glad you are here. This blog is going to be all about routing and navigation in Angular2. Routing and navigation is the core concept of Angular2 . Alright let’s dive into routing and navigation and take a close look at it. Now, We will be discussing following points in this Continue Reading

Integrating Unmanaged Service in Lagom with Scala

So, you want to integrate an unmanaged service in Lagom using Scala. Let’s first understand what an unmanaged service first and then we will see How we can integrate an unmanaged service with our lagom service. What is an unmanaged service? An unmanaged service is basically an exernal service which exposes some data over HTTP. Any external REST API which will be used in Lagom based service Continue Reading

Introduction To Lagom Framework

Knolx – Introduction To Lagom Framework

Hi all, Knoldus organised a 30 min session on 2nd June 2017 at 4:05 PM. The topic was Introduction to Lagom Framework. Many people joined and enjoyed the session. I am going to share the slides and video here. Please let me know if you have any question related to linked slides and video. Introduction to Lagom Framework from Knoldus Inc.

Wapiti, The web-application vulnerability scanner

Alright, Today I have come up with an interesting topic which is Wapiti. It is nothing but a tool, we will talk more about Wapiti in a while but let’s first talk ‘Why wapiti’. So, next when you are done with your application from development to testing make sure you have tested it against attacks and vulnerabilities out there on the internet. You can protect Continue Reading

Exploring CrockroachDB with Java using JDBC

In this blog, We will be exploring CrockroachDB along with Java. We will also take up a few more things like How to install CrockroachDB How to start a Local cluster How to connect CrockroachDB with Java Alright, Before we jump into installation of CrockroachDB, Let’s find out What is CrockraochDB? CrockroachDB – CockroachDB is a cloud-native SQL database for building global, scalable cloud services that Continue Reading

Testing in Lagom(Advanced Testing Scenarios)

What’s the problem?  Testcases in Lagom. So, You want to write better unit and integration test cases then You have got read this blog.  Alright, Let’s see what it takes to test your code in Lagom. In this blog I will be taking up different scenarios and try to explain How to write test cases for that particular scenario. Testing in Lagom Testing in Lagom Continue Reading

How to setup Envconsul for dynamic configuration in your application(or services).

So, You want to integrate Envconsul into your application for dynamic configuration.Let’s see How it can be achieved and what all needs to be done. Using Envconsul you can have the dynamic configuration in your services without taking them down i.e Services will never go down and you can make changes in your services(dynamic configuration).You can change things like the PORT number of any service, db Continue Reading

An Alternative to Akka Quartz: Time & TimeZone(IST and others) based jobs using Akka Scheduler

In this blog, we will be scheduling jobs based on time using Akka scheduler. The jobs will be scheduled based on IST(Indian Standard Time). It is basically an alternative to Quartz Scheduler to some extent which is also used to schedule the time-based job. We can schedule jobs at any point of time i.e schedule jobs based on IST or any other TimeZone like UTC Continue Reading

How to integrate your MAVEN project with SonarQube

So, You want to integrate your project to SonarQube for managing the source code quality of your project. That’s indeed a wonderful idea. If you are wondering and excited to learn How to go about it, just keep calm and sit back, I will take you through the same. I am very certain that after this blog you will be able to integrate your project Continue Reading

How to use Twitter API using Node.js

Today We will be learning How to talk to ‘Twitter’ using Twitter API. With ‘Twit Package’ of NPM(Node Package Manager), It got easier to directly talk to Twitter i.e Post tweets, read tweets, post multimedia and do other stuff, Sounds interesting to you, but wondering How to do it? Come let’s do it. The very first thing you need to install is Node into your Continue Reading

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