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Introduction to Resilience4j Circuit Breaker

Reading Time: 5 minutes In a microservice architecture, There are multiple services connecting threw each other and there is always the possibility that the other service being called is unavailable or unable to respond. So, what can we do then? Here resilience4j circuit breaker comes into the picture INTRODUCTION Resilience is essential for any system that needs to function effectively, and the resilience4j Circuit Breaker is no exception. The Continue Reading

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What Is Axon Framework, And How Does It Work?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Introduction to Axon Framework Axon Framework is an open-source application development platform for Java that enables developers to easily create event-driven microservices and distributed systems. It provides a complete set of tools for building modern applications, including a full event bus, command & query bus, Sagas, and an easy-to-use object database. Axon Framework’s event-driven architecture makes it easy to build scalable, high-performance applications that can Continue Reading

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Introducing CQRS Pattern

Reading Time: 3 minutes In a traditional application, both data modification and data retrieval are handled by the same components. This can lead to bottlenecks when the application needs to scale up because all traffic has to go through the same components. CQRS is a design pattern that stands for Command Query Responsibility Segregation. It can help you build systems with fast data reads and predictable performance. But it’s Continue Reading

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Introduction to CQRS(Working, Uses, Benefits)

Reading Time: 2 minutes Overview The Command and Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) pattern separates read and write operations for a data store. Reads and writes may take entirely different paths through the application and may be applied to different data stores. CQRS relies on asynchronous replication to progressively use writes to the read view so that changes to the application state instigated by the writer are eventually observed by the reader. How CQRS Works Consider, for Continue Reading

Introduction – Apache Camel an Open Source Framework

Reading Time: 5 minutes Introduction Apache camel is an open-source framework. Apache Camel is a rule-based routing and mediation engine that provides a Java object-based implementation of the Enterprise Integration Patterns using an API to configure routing and mediation rules. We can say it is a domain-specific language means that Apache Camel can support type-safe smart completion of routing rules in an integrated development environment using regular Java code Continue Reading