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Web Application Optimization: Cases, Tips, Tricks & Tools

Website Optimization or Conversion Optimization has always been the need and core requirement for any web application and for every organization. Conversion rate optimization is the process of finding and eliminating the roadblocks and confusion on your website that keep … Continue reading

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Simplifying Monads in Scala

Monads are not at all a complex topic, but yes it comes under the advanced section of Scala language. So basically Monads is a structure that represents sequential computations. Monads is a structure that represents sequential computations, Monad is not a … Continue reading

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Using Http services for storing and fetching user info: Angular 2

Using Angular 2 Http get, post services is the most essential requirement when you are working on any Angular 2 app because anyhow you will have the scenario to store some user information from your end and you have to … Continue reading

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Using Resolve -Promises in Angular 2 Http Services

You have a huge list of users that you have to show on one of the views in angular 2 app, you called the action to redirect to users list view and the page is blank because your HTTP service is … Continue reading

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CSS Flex: with all examples

Confused with HTML elements positioning in CSS and by using other libraries or CSS snippets from stackoverflow? Don’t worry CSS flex is here. Flex means flexible box. “The flex CSS property specifies how a flex item will grow or shrink … Continue reading

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CRUD in NodeJs with MongoDB: Explanations

Here we are, in this post we are going to create a CRUD application in NodeJs with mongoDB as database and ejs as a templating engine. You can download the application from here: github Before diving in to this post … Continue reading

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D3Js Pie Charts made super easy: D3Pie

“D3pie is a simple, highly configurable script built on d3.js for creating simple, attractive pie charts. It’s free, open source.” If you have ever googled about high performance and deeply customizable charts, than for sure you have came across to … Continue reading

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Create & Deploy a microservice in less than 5 min: NodeJs

These days projects & developers are happily using microservices because the idea behind microservices is that some types of application become easier to build and maintain when they are broken into smaller and composable pieces which work together, whether we … Continue reading

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Interacting with Services & API: Angular 2

In this post we are going to create an Angular 2 application from scratch, the target of this post is to explain the process to create a service and use an API to get the data from that, where we … Continue reading

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Multiple Feeds at one place: MultiFeed App

multi feed mobile app Continue reading

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