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What is Risk Management and why it is important?

Reading Time: 2 minutes What is Risk Management? Risk management is nothing but it is a way of managing and handling the risks in the Project to avoid any failures. In other words. Risk management is an approach to ensure that the projects are delivered as per the plan to avoid the impact. Project Level Risk Management process involves Risk identification, Planning, Monitoring, Review and control. Risk management will Continue Reading

What are spikes in scrum and how to use spike scrum?

Reading Time: 3 minutes What is spike in scrum? Spike is nothing but an experiment that provides the developers to evaluate the functional increment. spike story will not deliver any business value in the current sprint , however it will help business delivery in the coming sprint . A Spike is created when the team does not know all the details and need to investigate or explore . The Continue Reading

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How to do Agile Release planning

Reading Time: 4 minutes Why do we need Agile release planning? The purpose of Agile Release Planning is to ensure the product is always moving in the right direction and that logical releases are frequently happening. In addition everything would always go according to a plan but in practical world, you will face quite a bit of unexpected situations and challenges. Same will apply for product release in typical Continue Reading