Author: Gaurav Dubey

Introduction to MUnit

Reading Time: 3 minutes MUnit is a MuleSoft’s testing framework that allows developers to create, design and run unit tests on APIs and integrations created within Anypoint Studio. MUnit is fully integrated with Anypoint Studio, allowing you to create, design and run MUnit tests just like you would Mule applications. It provides a full suite of integration and unit test capabilities. Features available with Mule MUnit You can create Continue Reading

Working of map and mapObject function in MuleSoft

Reading Time: 2 minutes Before understanding the map and mapObject functions in MulseSoft, let’s get familiar with the term MuleSoft. What is Mulesoft and what is Mulesoft used for? What is MuleSoft? MuleSoft provides an integration platform called Anypoint Platform to help businesses connect data, applications and devices across on-premises and cloud computing environments. What is MuleSoft used for? MuleSoft used to connect a variety of data sources, applications, perform analytics Continue Reading

What is DataWeave?

Reading Time: 3 minutes DataWeave is a programming language designed for transforming data. It is MuleSoft’s primary language for data transformation, as well as the expression language used to configure components and connectors within mule. DataWeave allows users to easily read and parse data from one format, transform it, and write it out as a different format. For example, a DataWeave script could take a JSON object and transform Continue Reading