Author: Gaurav

Scala Future – Their Uses And How To Implement Them

Reading Time: 3 minutes A Scala Future is a place holder (an imaginary waiting box) which hold a value that may become available at some point. Moreover the scala Future API has the following building blocks :1) Future2) Promises3) Execution Context WHY FUTURE ? One of the most important trait of a programming language is to be patient for the code segment to complete their execution asynchronously with maximum Continue Reading

Akka-Http and easy start with REST APIs

Reading Time: 2 minutes What is Akka-Http? Akka-Http is a library for providing HTTP based services. We use it for building REST APIs(Low level or High level REST APIs). It is build on the top of Akka- actors and Streams.Contains following modules: Akka-http-core Akka-http Akka-Http-testkit akka-http-spray-jason akka-http-xml Common Abstractions used in Akka-HTTP Http-Request : Used to send a request to the server and it consist of a method(GET, POST Continue Reading

What Are Side Effects

Reading Time: 3 minutes SIDE EFFECTS A Side effects is something that changes the state of computer or your programme beyond just giving back a value. Side effects are considered bad, because, a function with side-effects are unpredictable ,depending on the state of the system. When a function has no side effects we can execute it anytime, it will always return the same result, given the same input. When Continue Reading