Author: gopal

How to Audit Linux Systems using OpenSCAP

Reading Time: 4 minutes Introduction In an organization,Suppose there are multiple systems that could be either virtual servers, containers, windows, or even workstations. security should be a major concern for these systems to avoid from any unauthorized access and irrelevant activities. As in this current COVID-19 pandemic situation where everyone is working from home. it’s good to secure our workstations too as many important data resides in our laptops. Continue Reading

Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client : Posture module

Reading Time: 3 minutes What is AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client? AnyConnect secure mobility client is basically a VPN access tool that provides additional security while allowing a connection to the remote network. As AnyConnect supports two VPN protocols IPsec and SSH which provides more security. It has multiple modules that enhance its functionality, capabilities and security There are two Posture modules in AnyConnect: ISE Posture HostScan How ISE Posture Continue Reading