Author: Yash Gupta


Event Sourcing with KALIX

Reading Time: 6 minutes As we all know, Event Sourcing is a practical approach to design a service that reliably/atomically updates the database and transmits messages/events. But before I tell you how to do it with KALIX, let me give you a little overview of KALIX. Kalix Introduction Kalix is a considerable improvement over the existing serverless model in terms of abstraction of complexity. As it provides a unifying Continue Reading

How to consume a service in Lagom using Scala

Reading Time: 4 minutes I’ve already discussed the basic structure of the Lagom in my previous blog and also I’ve shared a full-fledged small Lagom service in that. So, in this blog, I’m telling how you can consume a separate micro-service that is running separately. Or in other words, simply want to call/invoke another service’s descriptor’s method in your service. I am also describing in this how you can run two Continue Reading

What is Lagom framework | Basic Structure in Scala | Demo project in Scala

Reading Time: 4 minutes What is Lagom framework Lagom is a free and open-source framework for developing reactive microservice-based Java or Scala applications. Lagom builds on proven technologies such as Akka and Play, which are already in use in wide applications. Rather than assembling services, this integrated production environment enables you to focus on business issues. A single command creates the project, enables microservices and Lagom infrastructure, and then Continue Reading

What is Apache Kafka | How to run it on Windows

Reading Time: 2 minutes What is Apache Kafka? Apache Kafka® is open-source software that provides a forum for event streaming, or we may say in simple words that it is open-source software that provides a datum processes system for reading, storing, and streaming. It is designed to be run in a “distributed” environment, as a result, rather than sitting on one user’s computer, it runs across several (or many) Continue Reading