Author: Sonu Mehrotra

Writing better Feature Files!

Reading Time: 4 minutes My endeavors in recent times have exposed me to BDD in general and to Feature Files in specific. I have over the time realized that there are nuances in writing good FFs, which we tend to overlook. I suggest we do not. In this blog post, I am wanting to give some checkpoints to be considered while writing FF. Do not make grammatical errors. Our Continue Reading

Being a Software Consultant: Knoldus way

Reading Time: 3 minutes I have been now working as a Consultant for 2 years and I wanted to document my insights and understanding towards the designation. I want to take you through the benefits and the sporadic hardships (luckily!) that have shaped my understanding of the work we do. As a Software Consultant, our involvement in the decision making for the project has been immense, compared to what Continue Reading

Scala+Gradle+Cucumber = A holy alliance

Reading Time: 3 minutes It has been some long time that I have not written a blog regarding my new technological learnings. And that is the void I will be wanting to fill in the coming days. This one being the start. So, I have been working on work items that include Scala, Gradle and Cucumber together. That’s right. Together. And with all that I was able to learn/read Continue Reading

integrating Cucumber with Akka-Http

Blending Cucumber, Cassandra and Akka-Http

Reading Time: 2 minutes Folks, Knoldus has always pioneered the deep diving into the best ways to use cutting edge technologies. In the past few days, one of our team carried this deed by integrating Cucumber with Akka-Http, Cassandra and of course, Scala. In this blog, we reach out to you to explain and show how this can be done. Cucumber Cucumber is for Behavior Driven Design (BDD). The Continue Reading

Testing Rejection Handling in Akka-Http

Reading Time: 2 minutes In my previous blog, I discussed how to handle rejections in Akka Http. You may find it here. We left it on terms to explain the testing of it later. Keeping the promise 😉 In this blog, we will learn how to be able to write the test cases for rejection handling in Akka-Http. We will be using Akka TestKit and Akka-Http TestKit. Dependencies are Continue Reading

Rejection Handling in Akka Http.

Reading Time: 3 minutes While working on one my project which uses Akka Http for routing, I came across a situation where we had to use custom Rejection Handler. It was a worthy thing to be shared with all and hence this blog 😉 Rejections are used by Akka Http to help us handle error scenarios more aptly. When the filter directives do not let a request pass through Continue Reading

KnolX – Akka Streams

Reading Time: < 1 minute In one of our KnolX sessions, we discussed on Akka Streams. It was a step by step introduction to Akka Streams. It started with the need for reactive streams and moved on with a discussion on components of Akka Streams, error handling in Akka Streams and testing in Akka Streams. You may find the slides of the KnolX below : You can also watch the Continue Reading

Our Approach to Code Quality in Scala

Reading Time: 2 minutes Code Quality. This term has become quite a rage in the industry with more and more companies devoting more time (and money) to give a better code quality to their clients. But why ?  Following are some of the reasons 1) Ensures an easy to read code. Yes it does that. And hence the reader does not need to pull his/her hair out(quiet literally) to Continue Reading