Author: Rohit Jagati

Tensorflow : Introduction

Reading Time: 2 minutes What is Tensorflow? Tensorflow is an open source , high performance library for numerical computation. It is also be used for mathematical computations and is not only limited to machine learning. It uses Python to provide a front-end API for building applications with the framework, and executes those applications in high-performance C++. TensorFlow can train and run deep neural networks. It has an extensive ecosystem Continue Reading

Basics of Transfer Learning

Reading Time: 2 minutes What is Transfer Learning Is a method where a model developed for some tasks is reused and acts as the basis for a model on a second task which is similar in nature. In this way knowledge acquired in solving one problem is applied to a different but related problem. It is quite popular in deep learning as the cost of resources required to train Continue Reading

Data Science Project Life Cycle

Reading Time: 2 minutes Overview The development life cycle of a data science project is different than the traditional software development life cycle. Though the development methodologies and practices vary across organisations but most of them have similar processes. One such well known process is the Cross Industry Standard Process for Data Mining (CRISP-DM) and this blog will present a summarised version of it. Data Science Life Cycle The life cycle of a data Continue Reading

Java in Machine Learning

Reading Time: 2 minutes Overview Machine Learning(ML) projects can be done in Java but there are some reasons why Java is not as popular as Python. Java is not the preferred first choice of Data Scientists and Machine Learning engineers for creating ML models. Java is mainly used in large data processing and engineering parts of a typical ML life cycle. The processed and engineered data is used by Continue Reading

Rx Java Basics

Reading Time: 3 minutes Overview RxJava is a JVM implementation of Reactive Extensions and a reactive programming implementation based on event driven and asynchronous programs. It works on the principles of observables and observer patterns. RxJava is lightweight and implemented as a single JAR on the observable abstraction and related higher-order functions. (For those who are new to Reactive Programming and have less familiarity with it. Reactive programming is Continue Reading