Author: Jagdish Singh

How to do Unit testing using embedded PostgreSQL in Akka

Reading Time: 2 minutes Embedded PostgreSQL provides a platform neutral way for running PostgreSQL binary in unit tests. It is an efficient database to write test cases as it supports all data types of PostgreSQL. In this blog I will not dive deep in the features of Embedded PostgreSQL but rather focus on it’s integration with an Akka application. I have added a sample project for the better understanding. Continue Reading

Easy queries using Slick in Akka HTTP

Reading Time: 3 minutes Slick is a modern database query and access library for Scala that made queries easy. It provides a framework to easily connect to databases (both relational and NoSQL) and other data sources in Akka HTTP. Slick uses Functional Relational Mapping (FRM) which is more suitable for functional programming than Object-relational mapping (ORM). Slick has made queries quite handy to manipulate data. It comes with various Continue Reading