Author: Jatin

What is new In Project Loom

Reading Time: 2 minutes Project loom is an OpenJDK project that aims to enable “easy-to-use, high-throughput lightweight concurrency and new programming models on the Java platform.” Before Project Loom As of now, we know that the basic unit of concurrency is Thread. Thread map 1-1 to kernel Threads and these threads work well but they also have certain limitations which are as follows:- Expensive To Create:- Below are a Continue Reading

Spring Reactor

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Reactor, as stated by Spring itself, is a foundational framework for asynchronous applications on the JVM which on modest hardware, makes it possible to process over 15,000,000 events per second with the fastest non-blocking Dispatcher . As it sounds, the Reactor framework is based on the Reactor design pattern Reactive programming promotes 1. Asynchronous 2. Non-blocking 3. Event-driven approach to data processing (event-driven architecture) The term, “reactive,” Continue Reading

Kafka Security

Reading Time: 3 minutes As we know very well there are several consumers which can read data from the Kafka and producers which can produce data. But, it is also necessary to ensure the security of data. Need for Kafka Security There can be multiple consumers which read data. There can be cases where the user wants to share data with one or two specific consumers. Thus, the data Continue Reading

Parameterized Tests In Junit

Reading Time: 2 minutes 1. Overview So Basically this feature enables us to execute a single test method multiple times with different parameters.In this blog i am going to explore parameterized Tests in depth ,so let’s get started 2. Dependencies In order to use Junit parameterized test first we need to add the dependencies for that if we have maven project then we need to add the maven dependencies for Continue Reading