Author: Rachel Jones

Dealing With Deltas In Amazon Redshift

Reading Time: 5 minutes Hi, In this blog I would like to discuss a scenario of implementation of Deltas in Amazon Redshift using spark-redshift. Prior to that I would like to make you aware of Amazon Redshift, spark-redshift library and integration of Spark with Redshift. It is assumed that you have a fair knowledge of programming in Apache Spark and Spark SQL. You may refer to the documentation links Continue Reading

Getting Started with Apache Solr

Reading Time: 2 minutes Apache Solr is an open source search server. It includes the full-text search engine called Apache Lucene. So basically Solr is an HTTP wrapper around an inverted Index provided by Lucene. The purpose of Inverted Index is to allow the fast full-text search, at a cost of increased processing when a document is added to the database. The inverted file may be the database file Continue Reading

Feedback App: For Sessions/ Meetup

Reading Time: 2 minutes Hello folks, hope you are doing cool, so lets start what is this Feedback app, earlier days i was wondering how companies, institutes and groups are taking feedbacks from attendees or users. Generally we at Knoldus and others (not all, may be some of them using better or other approaches) follow some standard ways like, sending feedback forms to them or asking them to fill Continue Reading

Try : Handling exceptions with grace in Scala. [Functional way with Scala]

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hey everyone, it’s time to continue our previous blog on how to make our code more robust, concise and better functionally defined at the same time. Here we are moving more towards Scala and leaving traditional Java behind. We will see new types and their usage along with the benefits we get from them. This blog will show you the best way in my perspective to be Continue Reading

Exceptions in your code, catching them the best way [Java and Scala overlap]

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hey folks, hope everyone is enjoying their coding days ( or nights whichever you prefer 😛 ) . If you have been redirected here from your browser then you are probably finding a better or cleaner way to make your Scala code robust and readable altogether. Recently I have been going through some Scala code written by a majority of Java developers who would like Continue Reading

Integrating Play app with Lagom application

Reading Time: 2 minutes What is Lagom? Simply put, it is a microservices tool. Lagom is a microservices framework that guides developers in moving from monolithic to a scalable, resilient microservice based systems. It is a platform delivering you not only the microservice framework but also a whole tool set for developing applications along with creating, managing and monitoring your services. According to Lightbend the focus should not be Continue Reading

End of Add-ons & apps: Chrome & Firefox

Reading Time: 2 minutes Now a days these two news are roaming around, and these are not only bad but very hard to digest. Lets get a glimpse of these news:  Google will end support for Chrome apps on Windows, Mac, and Linux.  Old Firefox Add-Ons Will Stop Working in Firefox 57, End of 2017. For Chrome lets think about postman, so it includes postman as well? YES !! Continue Reading

Official: Knoldus Blog Chrome Extension

Reading Time: 2 minutes As we can see below, now no need to worry about searching the globe to get the exact information, solution to your tech. query, latest technologies intros or tricks etc,.. All you have to do is to just click the extension, write your search, click the search button and BOOM !! Every thing will be on your finger tips, you will be redirected to the Continue Reading

Object Oriented JavaScript: Polymorphism with examples

Reading Time: 2 minutes Again this is not the advance topic of JavaScript but it relies under Object Oriented JavaScript & polymorphism is one of the tenets of Object Oriented Programming (OOP), we all know what is Polymorphism from other languages (like C#, Java etc) but we always think when to use it, why to use it and how to this, and most of us are still in confusion Continue Reading

Application compatibility for different Spark versions

Reading Time: 3 minutes Recently spark version 2.1 was released and there is a significant difference between the 2 versions. Spark 1.6 has DataFrame and SparkContext while 2.1 has Dataset and SparkSession. Now the question arises how to write code so that both the versions of spark are supported. Fortunately maven provides the feature of building your application with different profiles. In this blog i will tell you guys how to Continue Reading

Object Oriented JavaScript: Objects, Encapsulation & Abstraction

Reading Time: 2 minutes Hi Folks, here goes a quick post regarding the most important & frequent concepts of Advance JavaScript or we can say Object Oriented JavaScript. Objects are the key concepts of JavaScript so lets quickly start with some code and concepts. We create objects with methods, properties and attributes, we make them bundled inside that object it’s encapsulation, these methods & attributes are abstracted from other Continue Reading

Tableau: Getting into Tableau Public

Reading Time: 2 minutes Big Data visualization and Business Intelligence got so easy using Tableau, millions and billions of records can be analyzed in just one go whether your data format is excel, csv, text or database, Tableau make it easy for you. So finally you have make your mind to generate visualizations using Tableau and want to know what are the heights of Tableau in visualizations?. You are Continue Reading