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Meetup: Stream Processing Using Spark & Kafka

Knoldus organized a Meetup on Friday, 9 September 2016. Topics which were covered in this meetup are: Overview of Spark Streaming. Fault-tolerance Semantics & Performance Tuning. Spark Streaming Integration with  Kafka. Meetup code sample available here Real time stream processing … Continue reading

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Building Analytics Engine Using Akka, Kafka & ElasticSearch

In this blog , I will share my experience on building scalable, distributed and fault-tolerant  Analytics engine using Scala, Akka, Play, Kafka and ElasticSearch. I would like to take you through the journey of  building an analytics engine which was primarily … Continue reading

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Knolx Session: Introduction to Slick

Here I am going to explain what is slick  and why we should use slick.  I am going to explain slick using live example. All the examples of this presentation  can be downloaded from here .

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