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Circe: A Json library for Scala and Scala.Js

Circe lets us play with json and provides rich set of methods with almost every possible functionality you need to have for json. Now, we are interested in knowing the good things that will motivate us to use the new … Continue reading

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Apache Spark: Reading csv using custom timestamp format

In this blog, we are considering a situation where I wanted to read a CSV through spark, but the CSV contains some timestamp columns in it. Is this going to be a problem while inferring schema at the time of reading the csv using spark? Well, … Continue reading

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Introduction to Scala Macros

Hi all, Knoldus have organized a half an hour session on 17th Jun 2016 at 5:00 PM. The topic was Introduction to Scala Macros. Many people have joined the session. I am going to share the slides here. Please let me … Continue reading

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Initializing data with eager binding in play

I just came across a scenario where I had not to choose Play GlobalSettings to execute some tasks on start up of the application, as it is being deprecated in Play 2.5. So as the alternative what we can do to make … Continue reading

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Using Anorm

Anorm is basically a data access layer to talk to the database we are using. In this blog, we will be using mysql as our database. Anorm is the default persistence provider in play framewok. Anorm uses plain sql to … Continue reading

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Introduction to Google Guice

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